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Bosse Founder and CEO

D.J. Bosse is a former professional tennis player and dynamic entrepreneur passionate about fitness and wellness. Born and raised in South Africa, he cultivated his love for sports and fitness from a young age, eventually turning his passion into a successful career. With a background in professional tennis, where he competed for years, Bosse understands the importance of physical fitness and its impact on overall well-being. He has seamlessly translated his love for athleticism into a thriving entrepreneurial journey in Massachusetts as the CEO and Co- Founder behind Bosse Sports in Sudbury and Hyde Park.


Driven by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Bosse has continually sought new opportunities to innovate and elevate the fitness experience. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Bosse remains deeply invested in fostering a culture of health and wellness within the community. His dedication to promoting an active lifestyle extends beyond the confines of his businesses, showcasing a genuine passion for empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.


Furthermore, Bosse’s involvement in developing a new pickleball experience at the Natick Mall underscores his commitment to exploring innovative ventures that cater to current trends and anticipate future needs within the fitness landscape. The new property, called Bosse, plans to open in the Fall of 2024 and will provide a premier destination where the community can come together, challenge themselves, and have a memorable experience –all under one roof.


With a proven track record of success and an unyielding dedication to excellence, D.J. Bosse continues to make a

lasting impact in the fitness world and beyond, solidifying his status as a visionary leader in the industry.

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Chris Coombs

Bosse Co-Founder and Chef

Chris Coombs, Bosse Co-Founder and Chef, is not only a renowned chef and restaurateur, but also a passionate advocate for health and fitness. His dedication to physical well-being is deeply woven into his culinary philosophy and business ventures.


Born and raised in Massachusetts, Coombs developed a love for cooking at a young age. He honed his skills in renowned four-star institutions across the country, eventually opening his own award-winning, Boston-based restaurants- Deuxave, Boston Chops, and dbar. Throughout his culinary journey, Coombs has been an industry trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity and excellence. His commitment to high-quality dining experiences has earned him numerous accolades, including 4 stars from Forbes Travel Guide, Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition, and Boston Magazine “Best of Boston” awards.


Beyond his culinary achievements, Coombs is equally dedicated to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. As a child diagnosed with ADHD, Coombs discovered that diet and exercise played a crucial role in managing his symptoms and improving his overall well-being. This realization ignited a lifelong commitment to fitness that continues to shape his personal and professional life. He views exercise not just as a way to stay in shape, but also as a tool to enhance his focus, concentration, and stress management – qualities that are crucial in the demanding world of culinary artistry.


Coombs’s passion for fitness extends far beyond his personal pursuits. He is now leveraging his culinary expertise and love for physical well-being to create a unique dining experience at Bosse. His vision is to create a space where guests can indulge in delicious, high-quality meals while simultaneously being mindful of their health. This focus on mindful indulgence is evident in Bosse's menu, which features hearty yet healthy dishes crafted with an active lifestyle, and the fuel needed to sustain such, in mind.


Chris Coombs is not only a talented chef and entrepreneur, but also a true inspiration when it comes to integrating health and fitness into a busy lifestyle. His dedication to physical well-being is not just a personal passion, but also a driving force behind his culinary creations and business ventures. As he embarks on this new chapter with Bosse, Coombs is sure to continue inspiring others to embrace a holistic approach to living, where delicious food and healthy living go hand in hand.

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